Velociraptor EVO
October 30, 2015
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Velociraptor HS

Velociraptor is fast running and fast grabbing.

Velociraptor is an entry level High-Speed camera with real time JPEG compression. Long recording of High-Speed video has never been so easy.

With intuitive and simple to use SHARKi Windows user interface anyone can use it.



  • Aptina MT9V034,
  • 1/3” CMOS colour or monochrome sensor,
  • 752 × 480 pixels,
  • 6 μm pixel size,
  • 64 FPS continuous video acquisition,
  • global shutter,
  • linear or high dynamic range response.

Connectivity, I/O:

  • Mini USB2.0 connection to PC (USB powered ~ 1.5 W),
  • header for external USB connector,
  • 40-pin header for head connection,
  • 34-pin header for add-ons connection.


  • 1.6 Mgates Spartan-3E with 64 MB DDR SDRAM
  • 4.5 or 7.5 Mgates Spartan-6LX option
  • Xilinx EDK system-on-chip maximizes system flexibility
  • Reference design included.

Dimen• sions:

  • 64 × 80 × 41 mm (housing),
  • 64 × 80 × 43 mm (M12 LED housing),
  • 47 × 54 × 31 mm (OEM with M12 lens holder).


compatible with Optomotive SHARKi software (full source included) and other machine vision software’s, like Halcon, National Instruments, etc., usable through CAM_API dynamically linked library in custom applications (C++, C# examples included) and 3rd party applications (MATLAB(R), LabView(R), etc.).

  • Up to 2 additional sensors per camera, perfectly synchronized.
  • 46 general purpose user-programmable digital I/O pins.
  • Included IP core for 3D laser scanning* – real time laser profile extraction algorithm with image rotation, 16x sub-pixel resolution and intensity.
  • Custom user firmware upgrade (soft-hardware and software) creation utilities included.
  • Complete open source reference design available.
  • Lenses: M12 lens mount and 6-pack of lenses included in OEM package.
  • Cameleon WVGA only!
  • Custom LED ring lighting
  • Additional camera heads
  • Opto-isolation board
  • C or CS lens mount
  • Housing with LED ring and M12 lens mount (IP67 option)
  • C or CS housing (IP67 option)
  • Additional IP cores available on demand